Do you have a Shoreditch story to tell?

Charlie Inman at Mother London is getting together a project for the Shoreditch Digital Fringe festival. It’s about people telling their stories of their experiences in Shoreditch. Here’s what he is after:

“We’ve all walked past that massive old warehouse, or that ancient little clerk’s cottage, or that new block of flats, and wondered to ourselves what was going on there in the 80s, or the 60s, or the 1920s.  Well, we’re going to find out, and since stories are always most interesting when heard in context, from the horse’s mouth, the plan is to get local people in Shoreditch to tell me interesting stories based in and around the area so I can record them, and look after them on a website, promoted by little plaques on the sides of the places the stories took place. It’s not advertising anything, we just think it would be a nice thing to have, audio tales for people to listen to giving them an impression of the Hackney of the past.

What I’m hoping is to find good stories from local people and get them recorded (definitely audio, possibly video) and up on a purpose built website, with an interactive map, as our contribution to the Shoreditch Digital Fringe festival” 

If you’d like to get in touch about stories you, friends or family may have email as soon as possible.

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