Fancy being immortalised in a famous piece of art?

Political photographer Gerard Rancinan, renowned for his stark depictions of ‘a confused humanity’, is exhibiting in London for the first time, in conjunction with the Opera Gallery on New Bond Street. As part of this show, called Wonderful World, he’s also going to pop down to Shoreditch for a casting event that will see a chosen few immortalised in his artwork.

If that sounds like something that’s up your alley it’s all happening Saturday 9th and  Sunday 10th June at the Londonewcastle Project Space on Redchurch Street E2. Galleries one and two will house the main exhibition of 15 large format works from Wonderful World, and gallery three will feature a purpose-built set and studio – part art installation, part film set, part soap opera. If you’re chosen to be part of the project, you’ll see yourself unveiled in the finished work at a special reception on Wednesday 20th June.

Born in the Bordeaux region of France, Gerard Rancinan describes his work as “somewhere between comedy and tragedy, painting a picture of a confused humanity, groping blindly in the darkness, obsessed with the cult of celebrity and guided only by an absolute desire for generalised, prescribed happiness.” Winner of four prestigious World Press Awards, this opportunity might just be worth braving the windy weather for.

For details visit the facebook page, or just get yourself down to the Londonewcastle Project Space sharpish.



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