East End Film Festival: Review of “Riot From Wrong”

As part of the East End Film Festival Samantha  Ashworth went to watch the well anticipated documentary ‘Riots From Wrong’ at the Rio Cinema in Dalston. The crowds, queues, sold out seats and unavoidable hum of excitement said it all.

An inspiring, riveting and thought provoking youth led, non-profit documentary. It focuses on not only the causes of the 2011 London riots, but also on possible solutions to avoid anything like this happening again. On the third day of the riots, 14 young people from the organisation Fully Focused Community decided to do something to create awareness and to try to uncover the truth.

We all know by now what happened. 28 year old Mark Duggan from Tottenham who was shot by police in August 2011 caused much unrest among the community. What started as a peaceful protest outside Tottentham police station soon turned into dangerous, violent and uncontrollable riots, looting and arson.  Along with Mark Duggan’s death, the attack of a sixteen-year-old girl by police who was demonstrating in the protest mentioned earlier are both major contributing factors into the start of the riots.

The main objective of Riots From Wrong was to look at the underlying reasons of Britain’s broken society, and furthermore what can be done to prevent further altercations among the community.

The style of documentary is simple yet effective.  It doesn’t use shock tactics; it is realistic and focused, providing the most significant facts in an eye-catching way. It isn’t trying to confuse or make you think in a certain way and the message comes across in as unbiased way as possible. Interviews and opinions are from journalists, community workers, police and local community residents. There is a real sense of community depicted throughout, showing how in the aftermath of the riots people really tried to help each other. This sense of community also makes the divide between the rich and the poor very clear and how the divide seems to be getting increasingly larger.

I believe the audience left the cinema inspired and with a real understanding of the London riots. It didn’t leave you angry or blaming others, but rather made you want to do something. I can’t speak for everyone but I certainly feel Riots from Wrong has given me the truth and is an eye opening, experience into the problems we face if nothing is done.  There will be many more chances to watch this documentary, and I think everybody should try to see it.


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