Got a Sweet Toof?

You may have seen them around – big pink gummy graffiti grins adorning the London landscape. These are courtesy of artist Sweet Toof, who believes that of all the parts of our body, teeth, crammed into the mouth cave, are a constant reminder that we are merely flesh hanging out to dry on an elaborate chain of bone linkages. The mouth itself is in constant crisis, being the place where stuttering words come forth, where words are taken back, and where ‘sweet’ foods begin their rot.

Sweet Toof started making his name in the graffiti art world in the 1980s and 1990s where his street styles evolved alongside more traditional work in painting and sculpting. Now, the anonymous face that launched a thousand teeth is launching a new solo show called Sweet Revenge which will see the East End adorned with his work once more.

In collaboration with High Roller Society, the show launches this Friday and will be open to the public from Saturday 11 until 19 Sunday August at The Colourworks, 117 Wallis Road, Hackney E9 5LN and entry is free.


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