One to watch: Fashion presenter Emmanuel Ray

A big Shoreditch Radio congratulations goes out to fashion presenter and activist Emmanuel Ray who has just been nominated for London Personality of the Year 2012. This is alongside big cheeses like Seb Coe and Boris Johnson. We know who we’d rather back, right people?

Known for his honesty, outspokenness and entertainingly funny way of presenting fashion and lifestyle, Emmanuel Ray faced a life long battle with severe depression, alcohol and drug dependency and also faced homelessness before successfully battling his addictions and becoming an award winning presenter and activist.  “I came very close to giving up on my career this year due to the numerous personal problems I was facing. I lost my home, office, ambition and my focus. But being nominated for London Personality of the Year 2012, at London Lifestyle Awards has given me hope, and the boost that my career needed so badly. I have now made a full recovery and am back where I belong” says Emmanuel Ray.

“Last year I became the first Asian to win a Fashion Icon award in Britain (Fashions Finest Awards 2011). I am honoured to have been awarded that title by the public” says Emmanuel Ray. “After only having had a few appearances in the mainstream media, I strongly believe I won this award because of my charity work and human rights campaigns” he added.

This year, 4,127 businesses and personalities were in the running to be short listed for a London Lifestyle Award and Emmanuel is very proud and excited to have made this celebrated shortlist drawn up by founder Jason Gale and his team. Emmanuel faces stiff competition from the likes of Boris Johnson, Danny Boyle, Gary Barlow, Sebastian Coe and various other established public figures and says he is thankful to be on the shortlist. “It is the audience and members of the public who will decide who deserves this award. I owe my entire career to the British public and my audience. Without their continuous support, my career would not exist. Here, I have the support and adulation I never had in Asia or in the Middle East,” says Emmanuel.

The London Lifestyle Awards were founded in 2010 to honour the lifestyle businesses in the capital whose work has made a real difference and a true contribution toLondonand the people living in the city. Now in their third year, the awards are becoming established as the ultimate celebration of our capital’s lifestyle. This year’s ceremony will be held on Wednesday 17 October and is expected to be the biggest yet.

Good luck Emmanuel!



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    Wow, the first ever foreigner to have been nominated for this prestigious award! I’ve always been an admire of Emmanuel Ray’s work, his perseverance and his strong personality.. for never giving up, and building up his entire career from scratch, without the support and backing most celebrities have.

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    Emmanuel Ray has raised funds for various children’s charities and supported human rights campaigns. For someone who started with nothing, he impresses me with his perseverance, hard work and dedication. He may live the socialite lifestyle, but it obviously took him a lot of hard work and sacrifices to get there. He is not just a showbiz personality. He is a dedicated human rights activist and raises funds for various charities, volunteering his time and effort, for free. People voted for him at the Fashions Finest Awards. I salute Fashions Finest Awards for supporting talent that is not only popular in the industry but also use their growing popularity to draw attention towards worthy causes.

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