Another Michael Jackson Accuser

At age 9 Brisbane born Australian, Wade Robson moved to the United States with his mother and sister, with the help of the Late Great Michael Jackson. Robson was a dancing sensation as a young boy, from the age of 5 he was already dancing professionally, hence why he caught the attention of superstar pop… Continue reading

A Justin & Britney Collaboration?

Above is an old picture taken of a very young looking Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake In an interview at the Toronto film festival conducted by E New reporter Marc Malkin, Justin Timberlake was asked a question a lot of us have been awaiting the answer to ‘Would you ever do a collaboration with Britney Spears’ to everyone’s surprise… Continue reading

Olympian Superstar Clears Allegations

2016, Rio de Janeiro Olympics golden child Simone Biles has been plastered all over the news, unfortunately for her it isn’t positive. The 19-year-old superstar gymnast from Columbus, Ohio stunned at this year’s Rio Olympics by winner a monumental four gold medals and one bronze, which for any Olympian is astonishing.  News reports claiming that… Continue reading

Malia Obama – Questionable Friends?

It is not unfamiliar to see Malia Obama pictured enjoying herself in various social outings with friends. The media are obsessed with publishing pictures and videos of the President’s daughter, whether at a concert or festival those picture are priceless. Now at 18, Malia has integrated into society outside of the White House. This summer… Continue reading