LFW Official Lip Colour Is Put To the Test

As the most amazing show in the fashion industry comes to an end in London, we thought it was necessary to do a review on a beauty product from proud sponsors of London Fashion Week, Maybelline.

It wasn’t surprising to hear that Maybelline’s new lipstick collection was the ‘official lip colour of London Fashion Week’. But it got us wondering if the ‘Vivid Matte Liquid’ lippy’s could actually live up to it’s title, so it got put to the test. This type of liquid matte lipsticks are not a new thing, as they are already similar brands in the beauty market selling liquid matte lipsticks, however with some of these matte lipsticks the finish look is not always met.

Maybelline’s new collection, pride’s itself on delivering a fast matte look, hence the name. So, I  decided to give it a go and tried the number 50 ‘called the nude thrill & number 45 possessed plum. Both of these colours are tricky to get right in terms of shade and tone, so i was weary.

But to my pleasant surprise the colours turned out to look really good on the lips,. Both were not too harsh on my skin tone. When applying, the liquid was not too runny and did not turn or feel dry on the lips. it took both lipsticks just a few seconds to turn matte and when it did turn matte the finish result was 10/10.

It does not disappoint with the longevity of its wear. I only had to reapply it once throughout the whole day of wearing the nude thrill. Out of both I liked wearing the nude colour due to the fact I prefer having the natural, subtle makeup look.

Overall, Maybelline’s lip colours did not disappoint and did exactly what they have been named to do. It’s worth the purchase and it’s a great lip product to have because it provides the lip glossy moisture with a lipstick matte finish.


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    can’t wait to buy one of these after reading this!

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