The BOB Weekender

Today Shoreditch Radio is experiencing the Best of Britannia (BOB) at the neoclassical landmark of Victoria House, in Bloomsbury Square. The London event is currently taking place right now and is showcasing british-made apparel, footwear, clothes, accessories, homeware, toys and many more. BOB is a celebration of British of British brands and is a place to buy the best of British products.

Take a few hours out of your day today as you will see a host of brands exhibit their products. This is ranging from luxury gloves by Gizelle Renee to T-inspire fragrances from T-London.
There is also a mixture of men and women fashion lines, such as;  hand-crafted jewellery from Andrew English and Mark Adam, Loake Handmade shoes, Red Apple by Elisabeth Menten. You will also be able to take part in wine tasting and even get a quick trim with the Barbershop Cuts’.
But the exhibition today is a special one as June Sarpong MBE, who is also BOB ambassador along with TV personality Patricick Grant, is launching This is the charity campaigners mission to help young people, from low-income communities enter the fashion industry. the initiative is a new fashion social enterprise which is being launched from the LDNY Foundation that started up in 2014.
LDNY new collection is featured in today’s mini fashion show, which is in support of the anti-violence orangedress campaign. BOB also set up similar event and pop-up shops in other regions such as manchester, but London is the events Flagship location, which takes place every year. The exhibition is founded by Antony Wallis, Esme Lynch and Joe Pidgeon. on the”Provenance and equality British.
But if you cannot make it today, don’t be dismay as BoB will be holding it’s third annual celebration of Buy British Day on 1st October. It will give you the chance to experience the best of British products as the event focuses on supporting British brands and encouraging British consumers to buy British.
Be a trooper and enjoy Brit weekend!

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