Traveling Europe – Hostels vs Hotels

So, you finally decided to pack your suitcase and head off for an exciting adventure? Traveling Europe is fun, and more and more accessible, thanks to the increasing popularity of affordable flights and other flexible ways to get around. Finding the right accommodation for you is also quite easy, as there are opportunities that suit all budgets, lifestyles and needs. Hostels and hotels are still some of the most popular options in many countries of Europe.

Hostels in Europe are culturally huge , and they are particularly popular among the younger travelers. Many hostels have a strong community vibe, where socializing, partying and activities are often highly encouraged. These are great places if you are looking to meet people and have some fun during your trip. On the other hand, there are many hostels that are actually quite relaxing, and even offer private rooms at a reasonably higher rate.

Hotels in Europe are more common for couples looking to experience a little extra privacy and comforts, as well as families and business people looking for some privacy and relax in their “home away from home”.

Hotels are a bit more expensive than hostels, but the range is really diverse: you could find prices as diverse as 30 euros per nights or 1000 euros per night…it all depends on the features, and the degree of luxury you desire for your stay.

Whether you choose a hostel or a hotel, you will undoubtedly enjoy your European adventure!


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