Liz Asaro

We sat down with singer/songwriter Liz Asaro here at Shoreditch Radio to discuss her career within the industry. Originally an interior designer, Asaro began her career as an artist when she took music lessons alongside her kids several years ago. It only took three sessions, to inspire Asaro to finally take the plunge and begin her career as a musician.

Since then her career has gone from strength to strength as she collaborated with musicians, whom previously worked alongside the iconic Bowie and released her EP ‘1000 years’, which was well received by the industry. ‘1000 years’ takes you through a journey in which Asaro discusses her feelings and thoughts towards the ever changing society of today,  a fitting commentary on today’s turbulent generation. We catch up with Asaro about how she believes in the resurgence of rock,  and how she balances being a successful musician alongside her role as a mother.

Gig Date:

The Ned, Bank Monday 25th September


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