Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb

Summer is quickly approaching us – and our girl Rhi Rhi got us covered. Rihanna’s beauty line Fenty Beauty made its debut last year and of course everyone went ham over it. She is known for her flawless complexion and glowy skin so of course the launch of Fenty Beauty was primarily face products – at a mid-range price tag. Yes Please.

For the summer Fenty Beauty launched the “Beach Please” collection consisting of four products – two shades of “Body Lava”, which are “Who Needs Clothes!?” And “Brown Sugar” (an illuminating liquid body highlighter donned by many for Coachella), the ever so extra “Fairy Bomb” which is a pre packed puff of rose gold shimmer in the shade “Rose On Ice” and the Kabuki Brush for easy application of the Body Lava. There was quite a bit of back lash regarding the price for this collection however as people viewed it as quite a big price jump in comparison to her previous products.

I decided to pick up the Fairy Bomb for a number of reasons; one mainly being its hella cute. How can you not want this displayed on your vanity in all its extra glory. The second being that when I tried the Body Lava out in store, I quickly discovered that it wasn’t for me. As this is a summer collection I wasn’t sure how the Body Lava would mix with sunscreen – and if you put too much on, it does get pretty sticky and I don’t think that would be comfortable under a hot sun on the beach surrounded by all that sand. I would recommend trying it out in store first, buff it into your skin and see if it is the product for you. I also figured that I can mix the Fairy Bomb highlighter with any sunscreen or lotion and it would have the same effect of the Body Lava.

The Fairy Bomb puff is HUGE for starters and very easy to use – you just dab into the areas you want to glow (which is everywhere. Just dab everywhere.) and although it didn’t pick up well on camera, it really is a beautiful shimmer in person. It is more subtle in comparison to the Body Lava, but still definitely noticeable. However, I did notice that you can almost just dust the shimmer away – which is why I think using it in conjunction with a lotion or sunscreen would work best.

As much as I love Rihanna, I would have to say the Beach Please collection is a bit of a “meh” collection – yes, the products are beautiful, but the fact that the body lava feels uncomfortable to wear, and that the Fairy Bomb is basically just an aesthetically pleasing highlighter that you can dust away with the high price tag doesn’t really appeal to me. If I was rich I would buy the whole collection, just because I could but as a girl on a budget I just don’t see the worth.

You can go and play with the Beach Pease collection at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge; as stated,I would recommend checking it out in person before purchasing.


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