New nitro coffee on the block

There is a new coffee on the block and it has got us all excited to share the news! Coffee lovers rejoice, there is a new way to drink coffee that gives great taste, full body and the perfect hit of caffeine! 

New North is a Soho-based nitro coffee company aiming to change the way busy professionals consume coffee. Their first release is New North Original, a coffee blend from Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico, brewed with purified cold water for 18 hours. The coffee is then nitrogenated to create a creamy, bold experience.

New North’s founder, Christopher Beach, an avid surfer, first experienced nitro coffee while in Los Angeles in the summer of 2016. “It completely changed the way I viewed coffee. I loved that it was creamy without dairy, and how refreshing it was to drink ice-cold. I also appreciated the natural buzz it gave me. I knew that nitro coffee, as it was ready to drink, would suit my ‘on the go’ lifestyle back in London.”

After a year of trial and error, Christopher found a blend that worked perfectly as a nitro cold- brew. New North tastes and smells chocolatey, has a creamy texture, and yet is free from flavourings, dairy or additives. “Not only was I giving people a new and exciting way of drinking coffee, I was also giving them a healthy sense of energy and well-being. There were few greater feelings than giving others a positive experience from something I had created.” Nitrogenated cold-brew coffee is expected to be a top food trend of 2018, according to Whole Foods.

New North Original is a cold brew coffee with an intense dark chocolate flavour, 0 calories, with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar or dairy. We have tried and tested it ourselves and if you are a coffee lover then what are you waiting for, order a batch of this intense delicious coffee now!

New North is available in Selfridges and you can also subscribe to a weekly delivery of New North online at

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