RealMusik at the Great Escape

Yes, RealMusik left the safe haven of Shoreditch last weekend for three days of music at Britain’s undisputed coastal culture hub, Brighton. The weather was great and so was the music; and here are some of the highlight.

For anyone that has never been to the Great Escape, please be aware that the key to an enjoyable and productive experience is planning, combined with realistic time and distance management. With the best will in the world you will only get to experience a fraction of the music on offer as the gig locations are spread across the town. Consequently, this account is very limited and restricted to my personal preferences.

Where to start? Well, I was particularly impressed by the Korean music that I encountered. Based on an unsolicited email, I checked out 끝없는잔향속에서우리는 In the endless zanhyang we are at the East Street Tap on Thursday. This band were amazing but impossible to pin down musically, which is the case with a lot of Korean Music. Check them out, you will be impressed. On Saturday I saw Say Sue Me and ADOY at the Korea Spotlight hosted at Patterns. Again, these bands refused to be pinned down to a single genre and blew us away with their refreshing and innovative takes on Alt Pop/Rock.

Two walks to the end of the pier were very productive; Halo Maud are a totally amazing electro jazz pop experience from France and Katie Von Schleicher is certainly where Americana is headed. On future RealMusik shows, look out for Harlea, BERRIES, and ongoing support for Little Brother Eli, BEACH RIOT, Demob Happy & Calva Louise

By Peter Coulston

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