Escape to the jungle

This delicately designed, hidden beauty is located on High Street Kensington serving dishes which journey through Brazil, Peru and Mexico. I have been eagerly waiting to discover the vibrant South American flavours ever since my friends informed me about it a week back. Zuaya is covered in luscious green plants and flowers and intends to give off a jungly atmosphere – it’s definitely a perfect place for a date night.

The menu consists of a variety of small and medium tapas and there were definitely a few that stood out to me whether it was due to presentation, texture or taste. So i’m going to share my terrific three with you, right here.

Pão de Queijo

These delightfully deceitful bundles of cheese are a classic Brazilian snack. They are bread balls filled with a dense cheese, the texture has a similar one to soft doughnuts, you can’t even tell it’s cheese! The sweet, sensational sauce on top is guava jam which is thick in texture and complements the savouriness of the bread balls. These were absolutely scrumptious (I could’ve done with 20 more of these!).


Wild rice, shiitake mushroom and confit duck

This fantastic dish really had my tastebuds dancing with a smokey barbecue flavour, the duck and wild rice was extremely soft which contrasted the crunchiness of the tender stem broccoli and sesame seeds. Luckily this dish was bigger than the rest because I could not get enough of it!


Pan-seared sea bass with truffle ponzu

This dish had to be the winner of the evening, the sea bass was extremely soft and packed with beautiful garlic flavours. This was then drizzled in a subtly tangy truffle ponzu (citrus sauce) with Choclo (Peruvian corn) and salad which added a satisfying crunch to the dish. The flavours blended magnificently creating an explosion with every bite.

It is really difficult to find an authentic yet classy latin american restaurant but Zuaya definitely exceeded all my expectations so make sure you take a trip!

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