Jobs are still vanishing

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, the UK has shed nearly 750,000 jobs. Boots and Debenhams are two of the biggest UK retailers to feel the knock-on effect of the coronavirus crisis. Today, in an effort to change their situation, Debenhams announced their plan to cut a further 2500 jobs due to their struggle with weak sales figures. John Lewis, M&S and Sports Direct are just a few retailers who have also been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Claire Walker, Co-executive Director at the British Chambers of Commerce, spoke live on Sky News about the rise in unemployment and job cuts, explaining that “there are many other things the government can do to protect jobs. It is about reducing the cost of employment… so things like expanding the employment allowance [and] cutting national insurance contributions are things that would protect jobs and reduce the cost of employment… keeping people employed”.


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