Food & drink during COVID-19

From eating inside, to selling groceries and alcohol from their restaurants: Restaurateurs are not willing to give up in the war against COVID-19. The pleasure of discovering new dishes or rediscovering old flavours, forces human ingenuity to excel, hence why many restaurants have organised themselves. By setting up deli counters, they’re maintaining sales and above all, staying in contact with old customers and giving new ones more choice. With ingredients being sold straight out the kitchen, you can recreate dishes you have always loved or dishes you would like to discover simply by cooking them at home.

To mention one of the restaurants that has adopted this inventiveness, I recommend (if you like Italian cuisine) ‘Osteria Antica Bologna’ near Clapham Junction. It offers a wide choice of takeaway and on-site foods, reflecting Italian traditions, such as fresh burrata and tomato bruschetta. Each bite you will feel your taste buds gushing with pleasure! Then you have a wide choice of affordable starters, main courses and desserts.

Come on food lovers, let loose in the dance of pleasure of your favourite dish, that you missed so much during lockdown!


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