Fraud for Tea at The Ritz?

Afternoon tea at The Ritz London is a luxury British experience where customers indulge in a fine selection of biscuits, sandwiches and tea.

Customers who have booked reservations have become victims of scamming as fraudsters pose as hotel staff to steal payment details.  Information on how they find the booking information is unknown. These fraudsters impersonate hotel staff by calling customers who have already booked a reservation to confirm they’re booking by providing their payment card information.  The calls would be believable as it would come from the hotels real phone number and the fraudsters knew the correct booking information.

The fraudsters have attempted to make several transactions from Argos. Banks have become aware when suspicious transactions have occurred and will contact you straight away. The Ritz are aware there has been a potential data breach and are continuing to investigate how the fraudsters are retaining this information. To help customers they have placed warnings on emails, After a reservation has been made at the Ritz London, our team will never contact you by telephone to request credit card details to confirm your booking with us’.

To protect yourself, restaurants will never ask payment information to confirm a booking and if you have any suspicion of a phone call hang up and call back later. This leads to the question is it worth having your cuppa at The Ritz London this summer?






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