The Private Island Retreat Londoners Are Loving

Since lockdown restrictions have been eased in recent months, people are beginning to travel again. Some are heading to places that have a two week quarantine period upon arrival but for many, this is time they don’t have to spare. If you want to hop across the pond to Ireland for example, you are required to self isolate for two weeks in accordance with the government guidelines. If you don’t have two weeks, or perhaps are still anxious about travelling, there are countless options right here on British soil!  

One such hidden gem is The Private Island Yurt Retreat on Osea Island. Osea Island is a private Island, accessible by boat, just over an hour outside of London. The glamping company Green Yurts have created a haven for its guests with full weekend catering, swimming pool and one of the last remaining sea pools from the Edwardian era. The retreat boasts an array of activities, sure to satisfy the restless festival goers and outdoors lovers alike. With croquet, golf, biking and fishing on site, Green Yurts have ensured an exhilarating bespoke and private island experience.

If you fancy a relaxed ‘night in’ during your stay, you can enjoy one of their luxury yurts which includes a ‘proper’ bed, dining table and a small fridge. For movie lovers, the cinema room with have you feeling cosy in no time! Their menu is conscious and wholesome, even including a fabulous Sunday Roast! This Osea Island Retreat is an inspired, affordable and unique experience, and with its location so close to London, it is an unmissable hidden gem! It helps quench the thirst of festival goers who have cursed Covid all summer, and offers an adventurous and beautifully refreshing beach getaway for those looking to escape the concrete jungle. 

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