Common Ground?



  Yesterday it came to light that the bars in the House Of Commons are exempt from new Covid-19 restrictions. In light of the restrictions tightening for the public, there was confused faces all around the UK that begged the question ; ‘Is it one rule for one and one rule for another?’ According to The Times, the parliament bars are allowed to remain open after the 10 pm curfew and the new, stricter rules about wearing face coverings and check ins at venues also will not apply to parliament bars.  

  The reason for exemption is because the bars are designated “work canteens”. A spokesperson for the House Of Commons said “As catering outlets providing a workplace service for over 3100 people – the current regulations on hospitality venues do not apply to Commons facilities.” While the night-time economy advisor for Greater Manchester described the revelation as “ill-thought-out” and “shambolic”.  

A sentiment echoed by the masses.  



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