Is 2020 Still On Lockdown?


Michael Gove has said that Brits will be encouraged to work from home “if possible”, in a new government effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This is a far cry from the ‘back to work’ encouragements in July, and comes with the announcment from Boris Johnson regarding changes to the hospitality industries opening hours. New restrictions are being introduced back into the UK as the cases of covid have been on the rise and the UK’s alert level has been raised to 4. New scientists reports that an alert level of 4 indicates that transmission is ‘high or rising exponentially’ and that the UK is recording 3000 cases per day compared to around 5000 cases per day at the peak of the pandemic.  

  New localised restrictions are being introduced in certain areas all over the UK that state the people will not be able to leave these areas or meet with those from other households. With protests in the streets of Madrid, when restrictions were tightened this week, it seems that members of the public are not as keen to blindly follow procedure towards lockdown-esque life again.


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