Young Americans Deny The Holocaust Ever Happened

In a survey spanning across 50 states of America, it was found that just under a quarter of young Americans believe that the Holocaust either never happened or was exaggerated. This frightening revelation is thought to be due to the spread of conspiracy theories that youngsters have mistaken for fact. Vice reported that 12% of those who took part in the survey had never heard the word Holocaust before.

Along with the lack of knowledge regarding the tragic historical event, some participants even believe that the Jews themselves were responsible for the Holocaust. Many people have either been misinformed or are in total denial of the reality of the tragedy. It has been debated that the young American weren’t educated properly in schools on the subject, but with conspiracy theories more rampant than ever, it does seem to be also the case that we are finding it harder to know what to believe. There is so much information available to us instantly, but perhaps we need to remind ourselves and our youths that some of it needs to be questioned.



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