Kazakhstan’s “Very Nice” Tourism Campaign

Kazakhstan is embracing Borat and the release of the second film in the tourism boards new advertising campaign. When the first film was released, there were mixed feelings in Kazakhstan according to the BBC. In an article written by Kazakh Yerlon Askarbekov he explains that when Borat was introduced on the Ali G Show, Sacha Baren Cohen’s website was blocked in Kazakhstan, with many feeling that Borat was a gross misrepresentation of Kazakhstan, and even had the authorities threatening to sue the actor. Askarbekov clarifies that although the public had a mixed bag of opinions, the high-ranking officials in Kazakhstan “understood that they should not be offended by the movie” and were more interested in how to capitalise on the sudden and unexpected attention Kazakhstan was now receiving.  

With the release of the second film, the tourism boards new advertisement campaign actually features Borat’s “Very nice” catchphrase, spoken by the Kazakh’s themselves. It has been reported that there have been an increase by ten fold of people applying for visa’s since the initial Borat film. Perhaps proving the point that there is no such thing as bad publicity.  


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