Netflix has released a trailer for an upcoming series called ‘Social Distance’ which portrays the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March. The series sums up 2020, which was defined by virtual friendships, long-distanced relationships and grief. As globally, governments were told to inform the public to quarantine at home for months and are still enforced today. People were confined to their homes and turned to technology to provide human connections via social media.

The new series was created by the Orange is the New Black creators. The team has commented that Social Distance “showcases the power of the human spirit in the face of uncertainty and isolation” with each episode entailing a new storyline and starring new set and characters.

The series allows an audience to experience a catharsis of an emotional time whilst capturing snapshots of singular moments in history. The trailer shows families, friends and partners to video call via Zoom and handle technological problems that come with it. The series also explores the monumental Black Lives Matter protests which began whilst most were still in isolation.

Social Distance will premiere on Netflix October 15.


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