Kid Can’t Help But Be Kind – Makes News

A heartwarming and inspiring story made it into the news this week and its high time! Blake Durham, a six year old boy from Stockton, made headlines with his random act of kindness at a McDonalds drive-thru. The little chap was ordering breakfast at the window, when he turned to his Mum and said he wanted “to do something kind”. He then turned to the server and said that he would buy food for the man in the car behind his. Blake said that he wanted the man to “be happy and let him have a good day” BBC news reported.  The server obliged and the young boys kind act caused a chain reaction, with the man who had received a free meal, paying for the car behind him also!  

Amy Durham, Blakes Mother, says that making others happy is “all he ever wants to do” and even described it as his “main focus”. That kid is in for a life of abundance. #yougetwhatyougive

We could all stand to learn something from this little star.  

New years resolution? Be more like Blake.  



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