Peter Coulston


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Yes peeps. My name is Peter Coulston and I create as well as present shows from my own music archives. I’ve been on Shoreditch Radio for around five years, and I’ve also presented on Xstream East as well as Croydon Radio. I’ve been involved in music, both in the UK and Canada, for many years as a performer, manager and promoter.

My various shows are as follows…

Live in London on Friday at 11am: This show covers gigs and festivals in London from Friday until either Thursday or the following Tuesday, depending on volume.

Live in London-GO: Takes care of the Wednesday and Thursday gigs the following Wednesday at either 2pm or 3pm.

The RealMusik Radio Show on Wednesday at 2pm: This show is mostly new releases but can include obituaries, birthdays, legends remembered and gig overflow if there are no sufficient releases to justify a Live In London-GO show.

The Discovery 2 Radio Show on the last Wednesday of the month at 3pm: This show is a promo for the Discovery 2 showcase at 229 The Venue on the last Thursday of every month, and includes a selection of previous performers on the showcase.

All these shows can be heard live or on Mixcloud.