The Black Eyed Peas “Yesterday” [MV]


It’s intriguing when mainstream artists once revered for their purist nature prior to their global popularity – take it back to exactly that. I’m talking The Black Eyed Peas and their new “crate digging” music visual ”Yesterday”, a pretty dope homage to some of the originators of the culture we call Hip-Hop. If you’re a Hip-Hop [...]

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Example “Whisky Story” [Music Video]


If you can escape the soul killing nature of monotonous labor, extortionate rent fees and just about almost every commodity in a high street shop generally being over priced – there’s a lot of fun to be had in London. Especially on a drunk night out. No I’m not promoting alcoholism, I’m just stating the [...]

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“Batman v Superman” [New Trailer]


San Diego’s Comic-Con, one of the biggest and most reputable annual multi-genre entertainment and comic conventions, tend to always pull something exclusive out the bag during the 4 day event. This year was no different. Having already blessed the interweb with a mouth watering trailer of the forthcoming Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) directed ”Batman v Superman: Dawn of [...]

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Mike Skinner On Hip-Hop In Israel & Palestine


After Noisey Atlanta, Noisey Jamaica and Noisey Chiraq, Vice’s music off shoot – Noisey, isn’t doing too bad covering the culture of music from around the globe and in the spirit of Vice, you can imagine it wouldn’t have been too long before we laid eyes on “Noisey: Israel & Palestine” – which is actually [...]

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Bartkira (Akira x Simpsons) Animated Trailer


Ryan Humphrey’s accidental wonder, Bartkira, has only gone and transformed into an animated version of itself. Yes, Bartkira (a recreation of the classic manga Akira with character replacements from The Simpsons) has not only been immortalized into print, it now has a motion picture trailer. James Harvey (curator) and his team of adorned contributors, surely [...]

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Inspiration & Advice From Vince Staples


Still bubbling off the notoriety and sheer brilliance of “Señorita”, Vince Staples (courtesy of FADER and Sprite) presents a mini documentary, where the Long Beach California native, takes viewers through his neighborhood against a backdrop of existential narration, by yours truly, himself. Apart from the obvious “mandatory” product placement, this wasn’t a bad watch… but now [...]

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Merky ACE “Cuss Match” [Music Video]


I’m a big fan of artists that venture into other forms of expression, providing the discipline they made their break from reached a level you can respect, so you might be able to understand I was excited to view the new Merky Ace music video “Cuss Match”, once I caught wind Dizzee Rascal had directed [...]

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Highs & Lows Of Wireless Festival 2015

Day One at Wireless Festival

Despite the visually appealing Nicki Minaj reportedly arriving on stage 2 hours after her proposed time, Wireless 2015 seemed to go down a treat this past weekend at Finsbury Park, North London – so we thought it might do you some good to view highlights (lowlights) from the festival, you know – just in case you [...]

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Fekky “Way Too Much” ft Skepta [Music Vid]


Perfect for a Friday – two heavy weights from the Big Smoke, Fekky and Skepta, swag it out in the music video “Way Too Much”, where director James Barber captures the two UK rap icons in a light where their respect for each other is admirably mutual. Play this loud and skank out.

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History Of New York Hardcore Music [Docu]


As part of their “Under the Influence” series, where Noisey (Vice’s music off shoot) explores “how histories most important music scenes influence our cultures and change the way we live”, we have “New York Hardcore” – narrated by Tim Armstrong. From the streets of the Lower East Side all the way to South Korea, experience [...]

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