Bread and Honey

Bread and Honey any time of day


Bread and Honey, situated at the heart of London’s trendy East End has enjoyed half a decade of success in providing a collection of designers, who present a wide array of styles, tastes and colours. Following on from the success of previous seasons, the store continues its mastery of the local taste. The new designers aim to cover all wardrobes.

The male section portrays the theme of fashion merging with practicality and durability. It deals with brands such as OTS and Dunderdon, which take pride in their urban fashion craftsmanship, as well as traditional brands such as Barachuta or Grenson, which have stood the test of time.

In an era when women’s fashion is dominated by both sensuality and practicality, more and more brands are returning with designs which compliment the figure as well as providing a variety of choice, style and utility. Bread and Honey has thoughtfully selected pieces from a wide selection of brands in accordance with their customers’ needs. With international brands such as Mimosa, Biblico, Marimekko, P.M and A.Y Not Dead, the store has been able to achieve poise, style, sensuality and the rockabilly look, all under one roof. To complement the clothing B & H has recently taken on accessory designers such as Carolina Faria, whose well-crafted stilettos are exclusively available to the store. Side by side with them are the funky footwear prints of Velvet Bee and Esska.

The products are also available on the online shop (www.backin10minutes.com) which makes its easier to keep updated with the addition of new designs at any given time. With an efficient postage services and well stocked sizes we aim to provide the best service to our loyal customers.