Common Ground?

      Yesterday it came to light that the bars in the House Of Commons are exempt from new Covid-19 restrictions. In light of the restrictions tightening for the public, there was confused faces all around the UK that begged the question ; ‘Is it one rule for one and one rule for another?’ According to The Times,… Continue reading


Unemployment rates have risen since after the coronavirus pandemic and especially effecting young people aged between 16 – 24 years. Young people also categorised as Generation Z have lost their jobs more compared to other age groups due to the outbreak, leaving many unemployed for months. The unemployment rate has grown from 4.1% in three… Continue reading


Extinction rebellion is a global environmental movement with the aim of using nonviolent civil disobedience to encourage government action to improve plans on climate change. Extinction rebellion could be rebranded as an ‘organised crime group’ according by the UK government. Protests were protesting from Friday September 4th to the September 5th. Using vehicles and activists… Continue reading

Soups and Shakes

The NHS will provide type 2 diabetes patients with a diet of soups and shakes, following the results from multiple studies that showed positive effects on the condition. The BBC reported that “5,000 diabetics will be given access to the year-long programme which includes ‘total diet replacement products’, such as specially formulated low-calorie shakes and… Continue reading

Things to do in London this Bank Holiday weekend

Finally, we are allowed out of our homes and into the sunshine (with restrictions, of course!). As some of our favourite places are opening up, here are the top things to do in London this weekend: Alexandra Palace Terrace - visit Enjoy socially distanced alfresco drinks in the sunshine at Alexandra Palace on their beautiful… Continue reading

Dorset beach arm link

Amidst all that has happened in 2020, individuals seem to have developed or discovered a stronger sense of community. Beirut donors, NHS volunteers, and people clapping for key workers, are just a few of the acts that have taken place to display this strengthened bond. On Durdle Door beach, located in Dorset, a similar sense… Continue reading