Escape to Istanbul (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, a Covid grace period led to the lowest records of new cases and deaths since March, the world breath a premature sigh of relief, and I made my move. It was time to escape the confines of my dreary lockdown existence and visit a friend in Istanbul. At the time it felt like… Continue reading

Russian ‘Stolovaya’

Just before lockdown effectively decimated global travel, Russia had decided to make it easier for visitors to travel to St Petersburg, by giving tourists easy access visas to people looking for a short-term holiday in the Leningrad Region. The decision will eventually expose new people to a style of hospitality that only exists in Russia.… Continue reading

Soups and Shakes

The NHS will provide type 2 diabetes patients with a diet of soups and shakes, following the results from multiple studies that showed positive effects on the condition. The BBC reported that “5,000 diabetics will be given access to the year-long programme which includes ‘total diet replacement products’, such as specially formulated low-calorie shakes and… Continue reading

Things to do in London this Bank Holiday weekend

Finally, we are allowed out of our homes and into the sunshine (with restrictions, of course!). As some of our favourite places are opening up, here are the top things to do in London this weekend: Alexandra Palace Terrace - visit Enjoy socially distanced alfresco drinks in the sunshine at Alexandra Palace on their beautiful… Continue reading

Gordon Ramsay is on TikTok!

TikTok has become a new obsession for many during this pandemic, including Michelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay. He is known for Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen and Hotel Hell, where he uses his cooking expertise to judge other's cooking abilities. TikTok has become another platform for him to showcase his iconic TV persona- the rude, swearing and… Continue reading

Fraud for Tea at The Ritz?

Afternoon tea at The Ritz London is a luxury British experience where customers indulge in a fine selection of biscuits, sandwiches and tea. Customers who have booked reservations have become victims of scamming as fraudsters pose as hotel staff to steal payment details.  Information on how they find the booking information is unknown. These fraudsters… Continue reading

Food & drink during COVID-19

From eating inside, to selling groceries and alcohol from their restaurants: Restaurateurs are not willing to give up in the war against COVID-19. The pleasure of discovering new dishes or rediscovering old flavours, forces human ingenuity to excel, hence why many restaurants have organised themselves. By setting up deli counters, they're maintaining sales and above… Continue reading

Eat Out to Help Out

The UK government scheme 'Eat Out to Help Out' was launched a week ago. The aim is to improve the economy from increases in people buying and spending. Many restaurants have participated in the scheme with some labelling it “A once in a lifetime opportunity”. Customers have to spend up to £10, with 50% on food… Continue reading