Gordon Ramsay is on TikTok!

TikTok has become a new obsession for many during this pandemic, including Michelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay. He is known for Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen and Hotel Hell, where he uses his cooking expertise to judge other's cooking abilities. TikTok has become another platform for him to showcase his iconic TV persona- the rude, swearing and… Continue reading

Motorway music

When ‘The Weather Girls’ released their now timeless classic ‘It’s Raining Men’ they probably thought they had envisaged all of the potential scenarios it would be sung in. From late night karaoke to the final ebbs of a wedding after party, Izora Armstead and Martha Walsh had likely not imagined an impromptu performance on Junction… Continue reading

Killer Mike Calls Bill O’Reilly “An Act”

Watching US television tends to have the sort of effect where I imagine I'm being punched in the gut. Like "take that fool... see what you're missing?". Generally speaking, British TV can be so tame in comparison. Don't hate me for thinking this, you'll understand what I mean when you watch Killer Mike (Run the… Continue reading

Real Life “Grand Theft Auto 2”

There's so many reasons to luuurv the internet. One being, the plethora of creativity that finds it's way to YouTube, via various types of humans from around the globe. The latest to catch the eye, is a live-action recreation of the ground-breaking 1992 computer game, Grand Theft Auto 2, where the character had to be… Continue reading

An Open Letter To King Krule

It's kinda hard to define exactly what is "stealing music" these days. 'Cause stealing is meant to be bad right? We do live in the age where a fan "stealing" music could actually be more beneficial than detrimental to an artist's career, because they get to share it with their friends, who then get to… Continue reading