ShiSeb EP is officially OUT NOW!!

The E.P. by Big E-D available on all major platforms including Bandcamp. Please click here for all the latest digitalstreaming platforms To buy the E.P. on Bandcamp click here. #Grime #Grimemusic #Themouse #Courage #Perfect #140bpm #FLRecords #UKmusic #BCheck #Flstudio Continue reading


For the past few years I have been obsessing about Neo-Soul music. The creamy yet syncopated feel to tracks is indulging and a break of silence has nearly as much impact on the listener as the jazzy chords which form the basis of the song. Up and coming Californian Neo-Soul band - IDESIABreakthrough acts over… Continue reading

Latest edition of Melting Pot (Show # 154 – The Best of Tall Black Guy)

In complete contrast to the boisterous 'bling' culture that permeates contemporary and mainstream Hip Hop, the adept and affable Tall Black Guy has been steadily making a name for himself as a prolific producer, and a Downtempo don, who is content just letting his music do his talking. Blessed with an innate ability to skillfully… Continue reading