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LOVE IS ART Kit Allowing couples to safely make an abstract painting while making love New artist on the block is already turning heads (and hearts) with its innovative concept The LOVE IS ART kit, which allows couples to safely make an abstract painting while making love, just launched in the U.K. Simply put, the [...]
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London 2014: The place to be

With the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games (opening and closing ceremonies not to mention the actual sporting events themselves), it seemed like London in 2012 would be impossible to top. But the boundless energy and draw of England’s world renowned capital city has plenty to offer both Londoners and visitors in 2014. From the [...]
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Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, United We/I Stand etc.

United We/I Stand etc. is the first solo exhibition of work by Danish sound artist and musician Lotte Rose Kjær Skau. Using video, installation and sound Kjær Skau produces replications of the instances of vanity, fragility and serendipitous beauty found amongst user-generated content on the World Wide Web. At the centre of the exhibition is Kjær [...]
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Love is all around

Who do you <3? Love is always in the air at I Love Markets, but the atmosphere is potent with the stuff now that we’ve released our Valentine’s Day Shopping Edit. Suitable for those both in and out of love! You might also want to see our New Year’s Resolution advice and collection. Click here to view our full range of [...]
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Melting Pot at Shutterbug

After taking a mini hiatus during the festive season, Melting Pot returns to Shutterbug, one of Shoreditch’s best kept secrets. Once more, Resident DJ Mr Boogie a.k.a The Vinyl Junkie (Soulsa/Shoreditch Radio) will set up camp at this small cocktail bar & creperie and concoct a potpourri of Jazz, Funk, Latin, Disco & Tropical grooves [...]
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Feng Shui , where you been? By Nikita Chauhan

They call themselves Feng Shui and they definitely know how to make sure the positive vibes are flowing, especially when you hear their new EP “The Forgotten Files”.  If this is the first time you are hearing about this multi-talented trio, then here is a heads up, get to know because I have a feeling [...]
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Mapping Time & Space

Mapping Time & Space is the latest solo exhibition by artist Peter Mountford. Running until 1 July, his work uses maps as the basis for the four playful wall installations. “The freedom to disobey the conventions of mapping and traditional portrayal of our encounters with landscape opens up a greater dialogue for both me as [...]
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Do you have a Shoreditch story to tell?

Charlie Inman at Mother London is getting together a project for the Shoreditch Digital Fringe festival. It’s about people telling their stories of their experiences in Shoreditch. Here’s what he is after: “We’ve all walked past that massive old warehouse, or that ancient little clerk’s cottage, or that new block of flats, and wondered to [...]
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Fancy being immortalised in a famous piece of art?

Political photographer Gerard Rancinan, renowned for his stark depictions of ‘a confused humanity’, is exhibiting in London for the first time, in conjunction with the Opera Gallery on New Bond Street. As part of this show, called Wonderful World, he’s also going to pop down to Shoreditch for a casting event that will see a [...]
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Film review: Goodbye First Love

By Samantha Ashworth Mia Hanson–Love follows up Father of my Children with this romantic tale of a young girl Camille (Lola Creton) and her intense and unwavering love for her child hood sweetheart Sullivan (Sebastian Urzendowsky). This film is thought to be a semi autobiographical representation of Love’s childhood relationships. It is seen over the [...]
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