Kiss my teeth

  • DJ: Giles Chapman
  • with: Stefan Pierretrix
  • Show Time: Friday 1pm (alternate)
Shoreditch Radio Kiss My Teeth


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Ai Yo!

All my Shoreditch Radio loving, straight up music vibin’ peoples - word up to each and every single one of you.

Firstly, big up yourselves very muchly for checking out the page. Thanks for being here and welcome along. Get yourself nice and comfy, yeah? Grab a spoon.

My name's Giles and the nice young man sat next to me checking my spelling, that’s Stefan, and we have just bagged ourselves our own radio show by the name of KISS MY TEETH.

We can’t wait for you to hear it.

For 1 hour every week, we are going to be doing our absolute best to bring you a whole manner of dimple inducing sounds; bundles of old wicked album tracks to fresh out the blogs sparkling trendsetters. The plan is to come correct all over your speakers with a bag bursting full of B sides, baselines, rarities and remixes, bootlegs to broken beats, Reggae to Folk, Hip Hop too Blues, Funk, Disco, Drum and Bass and all the wonderful things in-between - we got it all in check!

With Kiss My Teeth, we won’t focus on being cutting edge or the next best thing. We are all about putting that overworked mind body and soul of yours in a good place. A plethora of mind bending music balanced out with a mixture of shapeless, scatterbrained, nimble and giddy wit; with the occasional knowledge bomb hitting you upside the head being the main order of service.

This is happening. Get your friends on board, clue up your loved ones, tell your family to get to know and let’s turn this sucker into an institution.

There’s a good chance were going to be bigger than Facebook.


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  • LC

    This show is frickin' awesome… Nice one guys! :)
    Is there a podcast?

  • Yojojo

    i've been listening for five minutes and i love it already. big up yo selves! lots of love, joooooFACE x

  • Cerriowen

    I love listening to your show and look forward to the next one! Cez x

  • Kissmyteethshow

    There is not a podcast yet but I promise I will tweet and post when they become available. Thank you ever so much for your feedback we will promise to keep you updated constantly.

  • Alexander Pennington

    I would like to represent you boys. I love the show. Lots of love, Meadows Hume.

    PS – Stef, you are my hero.

  • John K

    I do it for the Pennington.

  • Stefan

    I love Pennington

  • Emmaswilliams

    Giles, you bought me back something nice from Amsterdam, you picked it up at a flea market…..remember??x

  • Wesley D

    You boys are jokes… Salmon and Cucumber sandwiches with Reggae Raggae sauce… Booooooooooooooooom Kiss my Teeth are large.

  • Louise Murdock

    OK Giles – what about Another Green World by Brian Eno and a personal fave – Psycho Killer by Talking Heads and what about – theme of the week – Tire Swing by Kimya Dawson (if you don't know it, check out the lyrics!)

    Hugs Lou, Peter and Freya

  • Richard C

    I'm spreading the word in the Orient.

    Stef, you are also my hero. The real deal.

  • Alex

    I love the Stef is the side man and Giles is the host hahaha – gutted Stef your like Dave Vitty xxxx

  • Shahla

    Wicked, headflown music on my download as we speak!

  • Penmurdock

    Cool bananas Giles

  • http://museluver.wordpress.com/ Alex

    Great show guys (15/06/2012) and you’ve got a listener in me, national radio is just “talk-talk-talk-talk” it’s like… “here for the music, be’ave now”. Keep up the good work!