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Some Of It Was True! is an independent music blog that searches the nooks and crannies of the capital to find the best emerging artists on offer. From fuzzy house to fiery hip-hop, all styles are cherished. It is our mission to bring you - YES, YOU! - the relatively or totally unheralded bands that will improve your life.

Presenters and co-bloggers Richard Mellor (the blog father) and Harrie Mayhew (sponger) administer your weekly dose of new music. Need more? Get your fill of all our discoveries at www.someofitwastrue.com, where we give what we (wrongly) consider insightful, well informed reflections…

SOIWT loves loves loves receiving submissions from musicians interested in being featured, so if you’re one of those, please do get in touch. We listen to everything that’s sent to them, although it can take a while as we’re both INCREDIBLY POPULAR (sort of).

If you’re looking for the next band to fall in love with, you need SOIWT in your life.

  • Lucy Potager

    Love it… More of this please

    Lucy x

  • http://twitter.com/soiwt_musicblog Some Of It Was True!

    Thanks a lot Lucy! We’ll back in two weeks time with loads more new London music. In the meantime, do check out our blog, or you can like us on Facebook for bitesize updates. x

  • Ryan Sandel

    Listening to some of your tracks, I’d like to get hold of some where do you download them from?

  • Christongue

    I agree with Ryan, can we have a playlist please? Some of your artists have obscure names and we can’t be sure of the spelling from the show alone so can’t find them

  • Christongue

    riiiight – I’ve now caught up to #6 and I see that you’ve made my every dream come true. Thanks for that!