Beauty industry to return to work from 1st August

Following on from governments somewhat clumsy handling of Covid-19’s phased reopening, the beauty industry finally has a date for returning to work. Boris Johnson announced that those working in the industry may return to work on the 1st August, ensuring all relevant PPE guidelines are followed.

This comes as welcome news to the beauty world who had been disheartened by governments laissez faire attitude towards the billion-pound industry, even laughing at the question of when it would reopen in the House of Commons.

Renowned celebrity and fashion makeup artist/educator Lans Nyguen has lead the online battle with parliament and The Telepgraph’s ‘Why Can’t I Work’ campaign to get a date in place using Instagram lives and publicising emails with MPs, along with support from the Millie Kendall at the British beauty council, Beauty Stack, celebrity stylist/activist (from BBC One’s You Are What You Wear) Joey Bevan, and Sonia Haria Beauty Director of The Telegraph Group.


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