Is Kanye Okay?

Kanye West’s recent delve into the political arena has caused his mental health to be called into question once again. West’s campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina, has gained more attention for his rants and breakdowns than it did his policies, causing people to ask if he is okay and who is supporting him mentally behind the scenes.

Kanye launched his presidential campaign through a speech which varied between slating Harriet Tubman, claiming she never freed slaves merely “had the slaves go and work for other white people” and how he wanted to abort his first child North West but God intervened in his vision. He went on to misquote the bible and claim his father wanted to abort him too. He stated that there should be financial support for struggling new mothers, “everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars”. West also commented that “risk or no risk” he should be on the boards of Gap and Adidas or he is “walking away” from the brands. When asked about gun control he said he opposed it because “shooting guns is fun” and that he wouldn’t challenge pharmaceutical companies because “they would kill” him.

West has spoken openly in interviews before that he has bipolar disorder but refuses to be medicated, despite being hospitalised in 2016 following a rant during a concert. Several witnesses described the speech at the rally as ‘manic’ and growing concern is spreading throughout his fanbase.

This isn’t the first time the public have seen Kanye West self-imploding, in fact there have been several episodes from the artist over the last few years, (eg, MTV awards, Glastonbury, going off script for Katrina fundraiser etc) begging the question of who is protecting the star from himself.


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