Travelling seems like a distant memory for many due to the coronavirus pandemic. The luxury on going on holiday or experiencing other cultures is inaccessible for most of the world. The use of technology can allow you to virtual escape from the comfort of your own home.

Window Swap is a video sharing platform where people can submit videos from all over the world from their window view. The project was created by a Singapore couple Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam by friends getting bored of seeing the same views from being stuck at home. Months later the platform had videos submissions from over 170 countries worldwide, like Ghana, Japan, Russia, Rwanda and many more.

The simplicity of this concept allows many to engage in watching different aspects of people’s lives. The messy bedroom, the greenery of nature to the love of cats sleeping near a bedroom window. The realisation is that we are all alike. The mundane idea gives many hopes as they can switch of from social media and just take a look at a simple view and feel as they are in a different country.

Visit Window Swap at www.window-swap.com


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