Cutting Costs or Creativity?

Funding within Arts and Cultural sectors have always been restricted within the UK. It is difficult to know whether this issue has stemmed from a lack of priority places for creative subjects due to it not being the main source of financial income in the UK however, due to the fragility of the existing creative market, surely this isn’t the best decision for the UK to make?

‘Local council spending on arts and culture is 38.5% lower than 10 years ago, with over £860m in real terms cut from annual council spending.’

This is an alarming amount of cuts; during school years, it is subjects within arts and culture which help to shape young people into knowledgable and free-thinking adults. Considering locations such as London are viewed as cosmopolitan and advanced compared to a lot of other societies, cuts should not be made on a factor which illuminates London in comparison to a lot of capital cities.

Having said this, it isn’t just London we should be concerned about:

‘Community art projects in London have received more than twice the lottery funding of those in the rest of England’

This is a country-wide issue and if we continue to take away what makes London so unique, how will we form a progressive society which incorporates all industries into its success?


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