Dreams And DM’s Do Come True

Beaux South, a 21 year old pop prodigy, has signed with The 1975’s label off the back of a DM. That’s right, it’s that easy to get signed as an artist in 2020 – if you’re Beaux that is. With 100k Instagram followers, the young artist has already garnered fans through uploading covers of songs on YouTube and teaser posts on instagram 

In 2019, Beaux saw The 1975 play a set at Reading, NME reports, and sent a post-show DM to the founder and label boss Jamie Oborne saying how much he loved the set. Oborne’s response was to ask if Beaux himself was an artist, and when he responded with a link to his EP, Oborne invited him in for a meeting. It was off the back of that meeting that Beaux signed a record deal. Nifty right? Beaux says his influences for the EP are The 1975 and No Rome, with his newer music being inspired by Kanye West and Tyler the Creator. His first release is called Look How We Started. Watch this space. 


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