Is West The Best Man For The Job?

Kanye West is still in the running to becoming Americas 45th president this week as he releases his first campaign video 22 days before the vote. Kanye has been the butt of many jokes during his career, with his unorthodox business moves, controversial public statements and twitter rants. In his last appearance related to the election, Kanye was extremely emotional at one point and spoke openly about the thought crossing his mind to abort his and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North.  

The rapper broke down in tears and screamed “I almost killed my daughter!” which ignited a frenzy of news and articles questioning West’s mental health. Now, he has released a campaign advert vowing to fulfil America’s destiny by incorporating faith and “building stronger families”. He also calls for voters to be “servants to each other, to lift each other up”. While the sentiment is one that many can support, there have been mixed feelings from public figures about Ye’s ability to hold office. Elon Musk was an outright supporter initially but has swayed of late and most recently saying “I have not dropped my support for Kanye, although I think 2024 would be better than 2020”, while Katy Perry has been pretty clear she doesn’t think he’s the man for the job saying “the presidential job is best suited for someone with experience and that is a pro in their field. And I think we have seen and learned from experience that when we don’t have pros in position that it can get a little wild …”. 


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