Staycation: Seaside Social Distancing

The natural consequence of the pandemic has been the upsurge of the ‘staycation’, especially as quarantine rules force people returning from abroad to isolate. Google search results to do with staycations went up by a third in March and April compared with the same time last year. However, this sudden influx of British tourists looking to stay in Britain rather than hassle the French, Spanish or Italians led to some issues.

The Dorset coast was particularly affected by Brits hoping to cool off during the heat of summer. The height of summer also saw the contemporaneous height of cases, but that didn’t stop almost half a million showing up in Bournemouth much to the chagrin of authorities, MPs, and science advisors back in June.

So, this intrepid staycationer just had to make a trip to the Jurassic coast himself. In July I and two friends camped in a small village overlooking the sea about 20 minutes drive from Lyme Regis. A quaint seaside town, Lyme Regis had a lot to offer for a quiet wholesome holiday, including fishing tours, a plethora of pubs, and actual sand, a hard to come by commodity on the predominantly pebbly Jurrasic coast.

It was surprisingly easy to avoid oversubscribed beaches. Camping also seemed to be a good option for a staycation, cheap (about £15 a night between the three of us) and easier to control contact with people outside your bubble.

As winter lurks on the horizon where will people hunt for a staycation next?


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