Travel Update: what to expect from post lockdown

‘What can be expected from travel after lockdown?!’ I hear the desperate online masses cry. Will there be a way to escape the cold British winter? Will there be a chance to get a change of scenery? What about visiting loved ones? Well…

Trying to go abroad over the Christmas period in a vain attempt to leave the rain and sleet of a mild British winter will likely see you either unable to enter your desired destination or placed under strict restrictions. The BBC lists only 14 places Brits can visit without meeting major restrictions, one of which is Iceland if you have decided Britain isn’t dreary enough.

Ok, so, although in theory holidaying abroad is possible, it’s highly impractical, so what about a staycation? Well, that is dependant on your area’s post lockdown tier demarkation. They go as follows:

Tier 1: The government advises that you avoid travel where possible but holidays are permitted with overnight stays in higher-risk areas being discouraged unless your reason for travel is essential.

Tier 2: Overnight stays in other Tier 2 areas are permitted. You should avoid travel but holidays will be allowed.

Tier 3: There will be restrictions on traveling outside the area, hotels will likely be forced to close and having visitors to stay from elsewhere is not allowed.

The government is aiming for tier segregation, so if you plan to see loved ones, travel, or have a staycation, unfortunately, you best hope it’s in the same tier as your current address.



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