When pubs become off-licenses

So, we are in the midst of Lockdown 2.0: this time it’s personal. One of the notable changes from the last lockdown is takeaways getting a new, wider scope, as well as many businesses now being better set up to provide them. A significant alteration is that pubs can now provide takeaway pints, a decision that has been praised by many in the industry.

Nik Antona, chairman of The Campaign for Real Ale, said he is delighted, stating “This is a vital lifeline for local pubs and breweries across England over the coming four weeks, giving them a lifeline of income and allowing people to support local businesses.”

It is understood that the rule change will save thousands of gallons of beer from being poured down the drain, avoiding making grown men across the country weep.

With the atmosphere of pubs being one of their key selling points, time will tell if the takeaway pint model works. Customers are not allowed to enter a pub’s premises, seemingly converting them into glorified off-licenses that are likely more expensive than their traditional offy counterparts. Therefore, it is local spirit and community support that will be crucial factors if pubs are to be successful during lockdown. People will have to make a choice whether to grab a plastic pint glass rather than a 4-pack.

Submit or find takeaway pubs in London and beyond at www.takeawaypints.co.uk/map/



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