A Tip For The Future

With the end of the year looming, 2020 doesn’t have much of a chance to redeem itself and good news is scarce enough as it is. Luckily for us, human kindness has been continuing the world over, even if we haven’t been reading about it. In a restaurant in Ohio, U.S.A, an anonymous customer left a tip for the waiter that ended up being a Christmas bonus for the entire team of staff in the venue. 


The tip was $5,600 and enabled 28 members of staff to receive a $200 bonus. The guest asked to remain anonymous and the owner said that they specified they would like the tip to be shared amongst the entire staff, “whether they were working that shift or not” sunnyskyz.com reports. The owner of Souk Mediterranean kitchen and bar admitted “staying out of the kitchen” to ensure staff could grab all the hours they could get to help put presents under the tree. There you haave it, reasons to smile are all around.  

Keep spreading that Christmas Cheer despite the setbacks of this year!  


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