Another world leader falls foul of Covid

Croatia is a place of astounding natural beauty, architectural wonders, and, of course, the home of King’s Landing otherwise known as Dubrovnik. Tourism has long been the backbone of the Croatian economy, which has served as a coastal holiday resort to foreigners and Yugoslavs alike for over half a century.

The Croatian economy requires the summer months of tourism revenue and so after tackling the first wave of the pandemic rather proficiently in June and July, a decision was made to allow tourists back. Croatia’s restrictions were highly limited during the influx of visitors in May as cases were very low and fear that tourists would be dissuaded from coming if measures were too harsh.

The Wall Street Journal sees this as a contributing factor in Europe’s second wave, turning Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb into Petri dishes and Croatian tourism into a giant super spreader event. It has not only led to returning tourists bringing the virus back to their respective countries but also to a tidal second wave hitting Croatia itself.

Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic recently tested positive for the disease, which comes at a time when the country is seeing record daily cases of around 4000 just a few days ago. A national lockdown was announced and came into effect on the 28th of November. However, the virus has turned Croatia from an unmissable destination into somewhere the CDC has classified as level 4, its highest rating for Covid risk, a place that it highly recommends no one visits.


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