Brexit Travel Basics

We are perilously close to January 2021. To many, abandoning 2020, dubbed the worst year ever, will come with a sense of relief. However, as jabs are exchanged to combat Covid, verbal jabs are also being launched in the time-limited Brexit negotiations. With the deadline bearing down on us, will we enjoy the same, seamless travel we have had for the last 50 years? The answer is a resounding no.

Good news- Brits can still travel to Europe on holiday without requiring a visa, however, there are some restrictions. There is a 90-day limit which isn’t concurrent, it is within a 180-day period. So, for instance, if you went to Spain for the weekend in July and then went for a fortnight to Paris in August they would count together towards your 90-day allowance. Staying in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania are exceptions and will not affect your overall allowance.

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which covered 27 million Brits traveling in the EU will no longer be valid.

Queuing- Brits love to queue, which is good because UK citizens will no longer be able to use the EU fast track line, which could add significant waiting time at borders.

Countries might also require more paperwork at the border including evidence of a return ticket and proof you have enough money to fund your stay.

Pet passports will be invalid, a rule change I can’t imagine anyone voted leave for.

Roaming charges for UK numbers may go up-so keep an eye out.


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