Britney Is Done With Being ‘A Slave 4 U’


The New York Times released the documentary ‘Framing Britney Spears’ earlier this week which has reignited the #FreeBritney movement worldwide. The documentary outlines the current state of Spears’ conservatorship with her Father Jamie Spears, whereby he has been her sole conservator, controlling all of her finances but furthermore he has had sole conservatorship over her person for the last 13 years. This means he is also in charge of her medical care and who is permitted to see Britney and when. Allegedly Britney cannot even drive her own car, and her Instagram seems to be further evidence of her being mainly confined to her house when she is not performing.  

Spears’ has also been noted as saying she refuses to perform going forward as long as her Father is still her sole conservator. Changes seem to be happening with the case especially since the release of the documentary, as this week Judge Brenda Penny refused Jamie Spears’ request to remain sole conservator for the entertainer and upheld her recent ruling that sees the financial group Bessemer Trust as co-conservator with Spears’ Father. Let’s hope the Queen of Pop is doing well and full of hope for the road ahead, even if it is baby steps in progress for the moment.  



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