Only 2 Days To Go…

The countdown to sharing beers or a banging brunch with pals is on, and I for one am excited.  There is a palpable desire within me now to be unleashed, like a little swan in a sanctuary.  I’m ready for the cage door to swing wide open, to spread my wings and to fly off into the… nearest beer garden. 

The thought of sharing a beer or 2 with friends and an appropriate number of warming layers and an umbrella is almost too much for my fragile being to handle right now.  The conversations we’re going to have, the belly laughter we will unleash at raucous volume.  Seriously though, as excited as I genuinely do feel for this long-awaited moment, I do actually feel quite fragile and a little bit anxious about the whole thing.

If you can relate to that feeling too, fear not, we are not alone.  The anxiety of returning to the normal ins and outs of life and to work is an actual thing.  It has an official term and everything; “re-entry anxiety”.  This got me thinking, If I’m feeling a bit of re-entry anxiety about all of this, how are the workers in the pubs, restaurants and bars feeling?

According to the Health & Safety Executive in 2018/19 work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of work-related ill health.  This number will only likely rise as we adjust to our re-emergence into society.

So as we go about our fun, reuniting with pals and fam in the beer gardens and restaurant terraces across the country, let’s spare a thought for those being thrust back into work.  These are humans, each with their own unique experiences and emotions from the last 12 months.  It’s been tough for us all.  Let’s give them a smile, be kind, be patient and support them to journey back to ‘normal’ with us.  Cheers!

If you are in the hospitality sector and feeling overwhelmed about going back to work, Hospitality Action offer fantastic support and resources


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