Anarchism – Anarchy from a fundamental perspective

Anarchism is not an ideology, but a philosophy. I interpret anarchism as meaning the dissolution of all hierarchy. Coming from a consciousness standpoint, the conscience of a higher state or the concept of inequality is what roots humans in evil as they impose social roles and constructs that are taken advantage of.

Without hierarchy, without inequality, nobody would have the conscience of capitalisation. For example, there were some parts of Ecuador that were not colonised by the Spanish and so there existed tribes in the amazon with little outside contact and due to the indigenous not having words associated with capital such as ‘Money’ and ‘Bank’. These indigenous people did not understand connotations when they were asked by transnational corporations to use areas of land they lived in, as they did not understand the full context of land use, and so were capitalised upon. Not only were the lives of the people and the forest destroyed but because of this exposure the areas became westernised.

When I am asked what a complete global anarchist society would look like and how would it be ordered I simply can’t answer. It’s also in my belief that anarchy focuses so much on the people that the mere fact that we try and work out what an anarchist society would look like is distracting, this is not the focus at all. I believe society has conditioned us with the anxiety of having to over think and order everything and overthinking is the birthplace of evil. As soon as monkeys started overthinking civilisation they capitalised on and lost regard for the nature  around them… and look to what extent that that’s got to now.

Overthinking has manifested some pretty fucked concepts like gender for example… gender is such a pointless concept and has now corrupted society into having social roles that are taken advantage like men have taking advantage of women all throughout modern history denying them rights over their own bodies and homes. Every other social construct follows the same trend. This is also why overthinking is never a good idea.

All social constructs are in place to be capitalised on. So I believe the closer we are to dissolving it all the better we are as a civilisation and that’s what I interpret pure anarchy to be.

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