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Are you 100% ready for change?
Are you prepared to be in TOTAL control of your life choices?
Are you committed to becoming the greatest version of yourself?

Having overcome depression and anxiety, Rebecca Davi passionately encourages her listeners to pursue their goals whilst transforming lives by building a global community of like-minds with a love for personal development, health and well-being, lifestyle and entrepreneurship, openly sharing issues people can identify with getting into people’s hearts and minds.

From interviews featuring well known self-help advisers, entrepreneurs, influencers, to inspirational life-changing stories, not only has Davi acquired great knowledge readily available being a Certified Life Coach alongside a degree in/and Business background, Davi answers questions from the public, offers life-changing advice, success tips and suggestions whilst locking into her interviewee’s world, pulling things out of her guests that normal interviewers are unable to.

The Rebecca Davi Show is entertaining, uplifting and enlightening. With both great enthusiasm and energy, Rebecca is sure to make a positive impact on this world.

Who doesn’t love energising, power filled, life-changing shows on how we can change this world?

…And that commitment to becoming the greatest version of yourself? Problem solved.